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Do you still remember that time when you were just a little kid with a Big Dream? When you used to go to bed, every night, dreaming how you were gonna rock the world of its feet when you, finally, grew up?
And when you did grow up... Well, life happened. Maybe even you gave your Big Dream a go, but it didn't really work out. I guess we all have this kind of memories stuffed firmly at the back our closets, but some of us never really stop itching to grab the vacuum cleaner and give the Big Dream another go. I know I do. 

Back in early 2007 I found a way to merge my 2 Big Dreams; to express myself as an artist and to run m own business. Unfortunately for me and my Big Dreams I soon found out that running a one-person creative biz, studying at University and working 4 days a week was somewhat overwhelming. Not to mention that around my second week at the Uni, I decided to adopt a dog with a bunch of behavioral problems ( Hey, K9 therapy IS time-consuming). 

Priorities got changed, beads and wire went into storage and Big Dream moved into the closet. 
Now, almost four years later, it's time...

Welcome to the House of Avedoir.
My name is Elle and here I'll be documenting my journey of awaking my Big Dream. 

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