sobota, 19 lutego 2011

You be the Judge.

Hi gals ( and guys), 
Today I want to ask you - need you- to dish out your honest opinion. Nah, don't worry - I won't ask you about politics or Kim Kardashian's new single, so you can all breathe easy. It's about shiny things and photos. Photos of shiny things, to be exact. I've been shooting a lot in the past week or two ( I may have mentioned it already) in preparation for the Boudoir opening ( ElleAvenue's grown-up sister ).
The thing is, I can't decide which of the oodles of pics to use - some are on plain white background ( deemed by many pros as the most professional), for other I used stones, wood and well, other things. So, take a look at the photos below ( and the ones in the previous post) and tell me what you think. I want to make it easy for YOU, so if the "comment" option on this blog doesn't float your boat, you can use Twitter or Facebook 
whichever works for you. 

Tell me what you think.

Oh, and in case you want to keep tabs on the store, here's a link, for you to bookmark:

Have a fantastic day,
~ Elle

niedziela, 13 lutego 2011

May the shiny photos distract you from the lack substance... Unles you count coffee

Wow. Was that January passing by at the space-rocket speed? And half of February too? You don't say ;-) For me, it feels like half of this year has already passed. And I certainly consumed enough coffee to validate that statement. Your girl's been a busy little bee:
Numero Uno - ElleAvenue is up and running ( link here: *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* or you could click that nifty little sidebar on the right. Oh, shiny!). True, I'm not happy with the overall feel of the store, but I'm already working on fixing that. 
Secundo: I'm -almost- ready to launch Stella's Boudoir ( No, you don't get to have the link to it just yet). It should be open for visitors/customer on Feb 17th. You'll get the link then.
For now, here be pretty sneak-peeky pictures:

In the midst of winter, windstorms and all that cold, icky white stuff there was ONE nice and sunny day. I took full advantage of it to shoot as many photos as possible. The camera is still grumpy from all that work ;-)

What do you think about this styling here? Personally, I love the white on white background.And it solves the "hangman" issue quite nicely. No?

 Another thing, I figured out where I want to go with this blog and with the.. oh well, you'll just have to wait and see it. Soon. 

wtorek, 28 grudnia 2010

Short info + a teaser

I'm proud to announce -tongue firmly in cheek- that the date has been set. The Grand Opening of my new Etsy Store ElleAvenue is going to take place on January 7th 2011.
For the past few weeks I've been working on my Wild Flowers Collection, which for the time being will be the main focus of my store. Additionally, I'm planning to feature Valentine's Day mini-Collection this year.
-end the commercial break- And now, onto the pictures:

So, what do you think? Like 'em? Love 'em? Hate 'em?  Tell me!

poniedziałek, 20 grudnia 2010

Getting behind already?! You're kidding me!

Time does fly...
Documenting got delayed a bit, because I've been doing two very important things.
Important thing numero uno – I've started creating my “online presence”, apparently having a Facebook and Twitter accounts is what everyBODY needs these days. But you know what? I actually wish I had opened the accounts much sooner. I got back in touch with some freakishly amazing people, some of whom I haven't spoken to in years. Yes, I'm looking at YOU, my Toaster peeps! O__O

That second thing I've been spending my days and nights on – ABSORBING INFORMATION.
There is so much to know, so many things to learn, so much to prepare. It makes my head spin a little:
SEO, Google analytics , international shipping forms, shop policy, pricing formulas, long-forgotten English vocabulary, taking better photos, desiging shops' looks and I/ve barely started working on the actual product lines...
With Christmas around the corner and my unexpected trip across the country ( especially that) my perfect, little plan is getting a wee bit wobbly.

I guess tomorrow is the time to reign in the chaos, regroup and re-strategize.
Wish me luck!

sobota, 11 grudnia 2010


 Hello Web Traveller,  

Photo credit:

Do you still remember that time when you were just a little kid with a Big Dream? When you used to go to bed, every night, dreaming how you were gonna rock the world of its feet when you, finally, grew up?
And when you did grow up... Well, life happened. Maybe even you gave your Big Dream a go, but it didn't really work out. I guess we all have this kind of memories stuffed firmly at the back our closets, but some of us never really stop itching to grab the vacuum cleaner and give the Big Dream another go. I know I do. 

Back in early 2007 I found a way to merge my 2 Big Dreams; to express myself as an artist and to run m own business. Unfortunately for me and my Big Dreams I soon found out that running a one-person creative biz, studying at University and working 4 days a week was somewhat overwhelming. Not to mention that around my second week at the Uni, I decided to adopt a dog with a bunch of behavioral problems ( Hey, K9 therapy IS time-consuming). 

Priorities got changed, beads and wire went into storage and Big Dream moved into the closet. 
Now, almost four years later, it's time...

Welcome to the House of Avedoir.
My name is Elle and here I'll be documenting my journey of awaking my Big Dream.