poniedziałek, 20 grudnia 2010

Getting behind already?! You're kidding me!

Time does fly...
Documenting got delayed a bit, because I've been doing two very important things.
Important thing numero uno – I've started creating my “online presence”, apparently having a Facebook and Twitter accounts is what everyBODY needs these days. But you know what? I actually wish I had opened the accounts much sooner. I got back in touch with some freakishly amazing people, some of whom I haven't spoken to in years. Yes, I'm looking at YOU, my Toaster peeps! O__O

That second thing I've been spending my days and nights on – ABSORBING INFORMATION.
There is so much to know, so many things to learn, so much to prepare. It makes my head spin a little:
SEO, Google analytics , international shipping forms, shop policy, pricing formulas, long-forgotten English vocabulary, taking better photos, desiging shops' looks and I/ve barely started working on the actual product lines...
With Christmas around the corner and my unexpected trip across the country ( especially that) my perfect, little plan is getting a wee bit wobbly.

I guess tomorrow is the time to reign in the chaos, regroup and re-strategize.
Wish me luck!

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