sobota, 19 lutego 2011

You be the Judge.

Hi gals ( and guys), 
Today I want to ask you - need you- to dish out your honest opinion. Nah, don't worry - I won't ask you about politics or Kim Kardashian's new single, so you can all breathe easy. It's about shiny things and photos. Photos of shiny things, to be exact. I've been shooting a lot in the past week or two ( I may have mentioned it already) in preparation for the Boudoir opening ( ElleAvenue's grown-up sister ).
The thing is, I can't decide which of the oodles of pics to use - some are on plain white background ( deemed by many pros as the most professional), for other I used stones, wood and well, other things. So, take a look at the photos below ( and the ones in the previous post) and tell me what you think. I want to make it easy for YOU, so if the "comment" option on this blog doesn't float your boat, you can use Twitter or Facebook 
whichever works for you. 

Tell me what you think.

Oh, and in case you want to keep tabs on the store, here's a link, for you to bookmark:

Have a fantastic day,
~ Elle

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Kylie C pisze...

I like the white background, because it puts more focus on the product and it's easier for the customer to get a good look at the item. :)

SnarkyGeekChick pisze...

Yes, with those pieces, the white background showcases them better. However, the turquoise strand looks really good on your sandy background! The other two photos, the pieces blend into the background too much.

Suzy pisze...

Depends on the color of the jewelry. The white is awesome, but the wood and sand looks great too. :)

bobtheenchantedone pisze...

I liked the earrings hanging from twigs photos best. I'm not so sure about the first photo; it is good to have a clean background to focus on the actual product, but I think these pieces look better when there is a little something to the background to enhance the patterns in the materials you use.

Elle ( a.k.a Eri) pisze...

I haven't figured out if I can reply to each comment individually, so I'll do it this way:

Big thanks to each of you, ladies. You rock!

JacquelineJewelry pisze...

I like the plain backgrounds because they show the item better although the bracelet in the sand is very effective too.

Anonimowy pisze...


I'm passing on the blog love!

Here are the details:

Taylor Lynn <3 :D

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